Why choose Street Appeal Pros?

“Street Appeal” refers to “Curb Appeal” what is defined as “the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings when viewed from the street” which is mostly used by real estate agents when property is for sale. Improving your “curb appeal”, improves your properties value, it makes your property more attractive to the eye. Street Appeal Pros provide cleaning and restoration services that will not only improve the look of your property but will make the investment in your property last longer without costly repair. Routine cleaning and sealing of your properties roof, siding, deck, patio, walkways, fences, etc. is a lot like an oil change and other general maintenance services for your car, it prevents future costly repairs.

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The difference between “us” and “them”:

The difference between “us and “them” is simple it’s the products and techniques that we use to clean your property with.

In the pressure washing industry there are two types of cleaning companies, they are referred to in the pressure washing industry as the “bleach” guys and the “eco-safe” guys. The “bleach” guys clean with bleach (sodium hypochlorite) based products, they use catch phrases like “soft wash” and “no-pressure” cleaning. When a home is cleaned by a “bleach guy” the average home will have the equivalent of 80-120 gallons of house hold bleach sprayed on their home and all of that bleach is going directly into the ground the surrounds your home. When bleach comes in contact with landscape vegetation it burns it dead, so the trick for a “bleach guy” is to station a person with a water hose to keep spraying fresh water over the plants and bushes to dilute the bleach and wash it off quickly before it can burn the leaves, some “bleach guys” cover the landscape plants and bushes with tarps or plastic sheeting. The “bleach guys” are good at this and when they finish the job and you don’t see and burnt leaves you think “great they did the job without damage”. Well that might be the case that day but guess what? All that bleach is now in the ground, burning all the roots, destroying all the nutrients and next year, the plants don’t bloom, the flowers grow half their size, the worms are gone, the birds don’t come back. The environmental impact is real, you’ll notice it and you won’t be happy.

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The difference between us and them?

Services last years longer
We don’t use bleach
No harm to your
home or landscaping