How to Seal and Protect Your Cape Cod Cedar Shingles from Damage & Rot

One of the most requested services at Street Appeal Pros is our Cedar Restoration treatment which includes a full body wash for the home's siding followed by an all-over waterproof, water-based cedar seal treatment. Firstly, cleaning your cedar thoroughly with a low-pressure house wash service will bring back the natural beauty of your home's siding by removing the build up of moss, mold, algae, lichen, dirt and grime. Not only does this improve the overall look (which translates to a higher property value) but it keeps the home's materials from deteriorating in the coming years. Having thick growth on your siding or roof can make shingles behave like a sponge, keeping the cedar damp for extra long periods. Cedar shingles do not do well when exposed to constant wetting and this can lead to rot. It's important to clean your cedar and keep it clean. Enter Cedar Seal, a premium, Low-VOC treatment that provides 10 years of water-proofing protection to cedar siding and roofs. We use this treatment exclusively at Street Appeal Pros. Cape Codders will appreciate that the treatment allows cedar shakes, shingles and clapboard to age naturally and uniform. A seal treatment will not sit on top of the cedar it binds the woods fibers below the surface and is not noticeable.

What is noticeable is the dramatic difference you can see in cedar that has been sealed (check out the right) vs. cedar that has not been sealed (see the left side). The cedar on the right had been sealed five years prior. On the very same siding, you can see a section of the cedar that had not been sealed. This had been done to show the difference in how much mold can be prevented by sealing your cedar.

Many of our homeowners who receive a Cedar Wash service opt to add the Cedar Seal for a complete Cedar Restoration but, often, they want to know the answers to some great questions first. We've included them below should you be considering this treatment as well.

Can I get a Cedar Seal service if I am planning on having my cedar stained? 

Yes, the Cedar Seal treatment is your base coat that goes on top of newly cleaned cedar before stain is applied. Cedar Seal has an advanced fungicide to prevent stains from mold, mildew and moss from growing on that newly cleaned cedar. This base coat of Cedar Seal will greatly extend the life of the stain or paint applied on top of it. Here's why: wood is constantly moving as it gets wet and dries. This moving is what eventually cracks paint or stain coat on the surface and once the paint or stain cracks air gets in and that’s when paint chips and flakes. With a Cedar Seal service limiting the water absorption, the wood moves very little.

Note: we suggest stain as an optional finish. It's worth mentioning that our personal preference is to not stain unless you have inherited cedar that is severely mismatched in color or not uniform.

Why should I seal my cedar shingles, shakes, clapboard, roof or siding?

If you're concerned about the long-term life of your home's materials, the treatment is your best protection against cracking and splitting. This occurs when water saturates the cedar shake or shingle and the temperature drops below zero. The water then freezes and expands.. cracking and splitting the cedar shingle or shake. This is how water damage occurs and how shakes and shingle pieces come loose and fallout. Cedar materials are not cheap and costs are only going up. We strongly suggest taking care of what you have.

Can I seal my cedar shingle roof? 

Yes, our Cedar Seal is a breathable coating making it the only cedar seal you can use on a cedar roof. It does not sit on top of the cedar it binds the woods fibers below the surface. Cedar Seal penetrates the cedar just below surface and bonds with the wood fibers creating a shield much like a “Tyvek” type of house wrap where water can’t penetrate the surface but air can escape thru the surface allowing the cedar to breathe. 

What will my cedar look like after it's cleaned and sealed?

The goal is to get your cedar roof or siding looking back to new. Sealing your roof or siding will not change the color of cedar nor does it change any physical aspect of the surface of the cedar. Once the roof or siding has been sealed, you can’t visibly see it. This allows cedar to “gray” naturally in the sun as it ages but it will never “blacken” which is really “black mold. It goes on dry, clear, matte. No sheen or color whatsoever. 


How can I book a service?

You can request an estimate by sending us a note or calling 888.494.7767.