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Make your roof look like new again with a cleaning service from Street Appeal Pros. We specialize in asphalt and cedar roof cleaning using our own Eco-Friendly solutions for a clean and vibrant roof without compromise. High performance formulas and what we believe is the best cleaning method ensures the longevity of your roof without harming your pets, plants, people, landscaping or the greater Cape environment. Say goodbye to ugly stains moss, mold, and algae with our top-notch asphalt or cedar roof cleaning service. 


What Makes Our Cape Cod Roof Cleaning Different


High-Performance Cleaning

The Before and Afters are incredible! Our commitment to excellence ensures exceptional results, making your roof look brand new. Trust us for a thorough, quality, long-lasting clean. 

Eco-Safe Solutions:

This is Bleach-Free Cleaning

We have pioneered a hydrogen peroxide-based method that not only ensures top-notch, eco-friendly roof cleaning services but also prioritizes plant life safety. Hydrogen peroxide avoids the detrimental impact of bleach on plants. Choose a cleaner, greener future for your roof with Street Appeal Pros.

Our Super Staff: 

Locally Owned & Operated

Hire a Cape Cod cleaning company to perform your roof cleaning services. Our local team takes pride in their reputation and works hard to keep customers happy. As a company, we take pride in being a great place to work for Cape Cod locals.

Licensed & Insured: Professionalism is a Must!

Don't let anyone get up on your roof. Our easy estimate process ensures stress-free interaction and quick booking. Don't jeopardize your security for minimal savings, our prices for a professional licensed and insured roof cleaning company are reasonable and fair.

We Are Street Appeal Pros Cape Cod


Our mission is to raise property values all over Cape Cod - from the Sagamore Bridge all the way to Provincetown. Trust our team of local Roof Cleaning experts to clean your roof thoroughly and expect professionalism and quality. With over 50 years of combined experience, our Pros deliver the critical expertise required to clean safely. In the hands of an unskilled technician, power washing equipment may pose risks, potentially causing damage to your home. Our seasoned professionals bring the quality your property needs. Trust a licensed and insured, top-rated roof cleaning contractor for the best results in cleaning, moss removal, and more. 

Nick Wakefield / Field Foreman + Lead Estimator 

What Our Roof Cleaning Customers Are Saying

Have questions? We have answers!

Have questions? We’re here to help

Why should I clean my roof using your method?

After over 50 years of combined experience in roof cleaning, we understand there is more than one school of thought when it comes to method. At Street Appeal Pros, we advocate for a meticulous approach to roof cleaning that prioritizes the longevity of your home and the well-being of its surroundings. Unlike some methods that clean roofs from the ground or a ladder with a "chemical", our experienced team believes in a hands-on approach using a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner and light pressure – no more than your roof would experience during a heavy rainfall. This method is paired with an environmentally conscientious cleaning formula designed not to harm your home, surrounding plant life, animals, or people. We firmly reject the use of bleach, recognizing its potential harm to the eco-system around a home and its adverse effects on worker health. Our approach involves using light pressure to aid in the physical removal of debris, stains from moss, mold, algae, and lichen. At Street Appeal Pros, the integrity of your home and your health take precedence in every aspect of our roof cleaning process.

How often should I clean my roof?

While the frequency can depend on various factors such as your location and environmental conditions, a general guideline is you'll likely have to clean your roof with a Complete Roof Cleaning every 10 years if you are not doing regular maintenance. We have clients that go much longer - it's up to you and your standards for your home's curb appeal.  If you're keeping up with maintenance, you are having a Mother Nature Method application of solution applied every  3 years. This is why we recommend having Street Appeal Pros come back to treat from the roof which entails just an application of the formula which stays on. Over time, the rain will rinse that off and this will continuously work to prevent stains. If you keep up with the Mother Nature Method after an initial Complete Roof Cleaning, you would save by not having to do a full scale cleaning AND always have a clean roof. Our experienced team understands the unique challenges that Cape Cod's climate can pose to roofs, including moss, mold, algae, and lichen growth. Regular cleaning not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your home but also safeguards the structural integrity of your roof. Our goal is to provide a tailored approach based on your specific needs, ensuring a clean and well-maintained roof that stands up to the distinctive elements of Cape Cod.

What are the benefits of cleaning my roof?

Firstly, a clean roof enhances the longevity and durability of your home's structure. Removing moss, mold, algae, and lichen helps prevent potential damage and extends the lifespan of your roof, saving you from costly repairs.

Additionally, a clean roof contributes to a healthier living environment. Eliminating potential allergens and contaminants improves the air quality around your home. It also prevents the growth of harmful substances that could compromise the well-being of your family and pets.

Now, when it comes to the resale benefits, a clean roof significantly boosts the overall curb appeal of your property. This, in turn, creates a positive impression for potential buyers and can potentially lead to a quicker sale at a higher value. Street Appeal Pros Cape Cod is committed to providing roof cleaning services that offer immediate benefits for homeowners and add long-term value to their properties.

Is it necessary to hire a professional company to clean my roof?

We understand the significance of maintaining a clean roof, and while some homeowners may consider a DIY approach, hiring a professional is essential for optimal results and ensuring safety. Our experienced team, with over 50 years of combined expertise, utilizes specialized equipment and eco-safe cleaning solutions to effectively address moss, mold, algae, and lichen growth without the need for homeowners to risk getting up on the roof.

Choosing professional roof cleaning services not only guarantees precision and safety but also prevents accidental damage to your roof and surroundings. Street Appeal Pros Cape Cod is dedicated to delivering top-notch service, safeguarding your home's integrity, and ensuring the longevity of your roof. Trust us for a hassle-free and professional roof cleaning experience that prioritizes safety and surpasses the capabilities of DIY methods.

Will roof cleaning damage my roof shingles?

We prioritize the longevity and integrity of your roof. Our Cape Cod roof cleaning services are designed to enhance the appearance of your property without causing any harm to your roof shingles. We understand the concerns related to pressure washing and its potential impact on roofing materials. To address this, we employ a specialized approach that utilizes low PSI (pounds per square inch) and custom tooled soft tip nozzles. This combination significantly reduces the pressure impact by up to 80%, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning process.

Our team is committed to maintaining the street appeal of your home while safeguarding the structural integrity of your roof. With our advanced techniques and industry expertise, we provide a thorough roof cleaning service that removes dirt, moss, and algae without compromising the durability of your shingles. Trust Street Appeal Pros for professional Cape Cod roof cleaning that delivers exceptional results without causing any damage to your valuable investment.

Will roof cleaning affect the plants and landscaping around my home?

Our professional roof cleaning services are specifically designed with your roof's well-being in mind. We utilize a hydrogen peroxide-based approach, which sets us apart from methods that often rely on caustic bleach. The use of hydrogen peroxide not only provides an effective cleaning solution but is also environmentally friendly and safer for your home, surrounding plants, and the overall ecosystem.


Our process is characterized by a gentle yet highly effective touch. We maintain a light pressure approach, keeping the pressure within the range of 300-500 PSI max – no more than what your roof would experience during a heavy rainfall. This approach is complemented by our use of custom tooled soft tip nozzles, which reduce the pressure impact by up to 80%. This combination ensures a thorough and safe cleaning process that preserves the integrity of your roof shingles.


Avoiding aggressive cleaning methods, such as high-pressure washing with bleach, is crucial. Some pressure is indeed needed for an effective clean, especially when using a hydrogen peroxide solution. Unlike companies that may claim absolute no-pressure methods but end up using bleach from the ladder or the ground, we prioritize the use of a quality product that provides excellent results without compromising your property's health. With Street Appeal Pros Cape Cod, you can trust in a roof cleaning process that not only avoids the stench of sodium hypochlorite but also safeguards your landscaping and ensures a clean, fresh, and eco-friendly outcome

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